airnwood 101R

Round design of geometric patterns

Improving the quality of life with fresh air at home

Quiet and powerful
rotatory force

Removing the PM 2.5, 0.3㎛ and pollen with a HEPA antimicrobial design

Removing the smell in the air with a strong suction force

Geometry patterned
natural veneer body

airnwood own distinctive design
airnwood own distinctive geometric patterns is luxury interior design expressing blowing in the wind.

hoover up with square design and deliver fresh air
every nook and corner fully

hoover ultrafine particles, bacteria and harmful gas silently and strongly with 540 angle
Purifying every nook and corner fully.

Our Family Health Keeper


24 hours a day, 365 days each without electric charge troubles
Purifying yellow dust, ultrafine particles, allergens and harmful gas carefully

A precious baby with weak immunity
Please keep your health from allergens.

Bedrooms filled with dust mites and dust
airnwood will improve the quality of sleep of our family.

Kitchen increasing indoor concentrations of harmful gases
Have a free from ultrafine particles and harmful gas during cooking.

Study room of the child the necessary attention
It helps to maintain an optimal environment for long stay spaces.

Office spending half of a day
Pleasant office difficult ventilation~

My house together with pets
airnwood will make a refreshing and clean environment.

The best technology and stylish designLuxurious wood body, a beautiful interior design of geometric patterns

Luxurious interior design anywhere it placed

Silent System

Low noise design (less than 40dB)

Geometric pattern design

Directing luxurious interior

Strong performance of the best technology

Air circulation up to 1 hour 102,000 liters

(Per a filter, up to 89,000 liters air circulation)

* Ratio may be changed by placement of the furniture.

More dense double filter

Do not compare with other cheap products.
airnwood hoovers fine particles up applied a filter more thicker and tighter.

Hazardous Substances
Hazardous Substances
Harmful gas

* Ratio was tested in the laboratory environment so may be changed in accordance with actual environment

HEPA13 grade
HEPA filter

Impregnated activated carbon filter of 10mm thickness (deodorization)

Assembly, filter replacement is also convenient!
From assembly to filter replacement Simple & Easy~

Anyone is available to assemble products clean and manage the filter with simple design. Take a look at and manage clearly.

Air cleaner
How to assembly and replace filter airnwood 101S

  • 1 Put fan connection behind of fan
    (arrow marked on the sides of the pan must go down.)

  • 2 Using enclosed screw and screwdriver, fixate fan connection and fan and then fit 2 fixed rubber ring (大) to the fan adapter ⅔ point.

  • 3 Assemble to fit well with protruding of fan connection and groove of main body.

  • 4 Fit fixed rubber ring (小) to the protruding
    of the main body and then
    fit fixed rubber ring (大) in the adapter part.

  • 5 Fit stopper bottom of the main body.

  • 6 Fit the HEPA filter and the active filter at the top.

  • 7 Finally, assemble the upper and finish.

How to replace the filter

Open the top plate of the product, remove the filter, replace the new filter and then close the top plate, you can easily replace the filter.

※ You can easily open the top plate replacing filter using a filter groove of the top connection.

Specifications and Conformity Assessment displays

Product name
DIY air cleaner
Model name
airnwood 101S
Nomal voltage
DC 12V
Service power
Dust collection
mechanical collecting methods
Installation location
for indoor
Standard usable area
Product weight
Product size
130㎜ x 130㎜ x 88㎜
Quality of filter
antibacterial HEPA13 grade, impregnated active carbon filter
Quality of Material
glued laminated (MDF) and natural veneer
Country of manufacture
Republic of Korea
Date of manufacture
appear separately